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design strategy

Ideas are invisible and have no value - they need to gather value. Design and the Design Mind, reveal them and accelerate their adoption.

Our Design Strategy Services entail the creation and execution of a tailored plan to accomplish specific design-related goals, utilizing bespoke tools and powerful methodologies. We utilize the Design Mind to map out holistic networks and systems, including their internal architecture, in order to gain a deep understanding of the big picture.


Given the wide range of design strategy applications, we classify our design strategies according to their impact rather than their field of application. This approach allows us to establish well-defined rules, success criteria, and metrics for making strategic choices.

Design Strategies have application to literally every domain in every conceivable industry and market space.


This involves developing a strategy for applying design thinking principles to solve complex problems, identify opportunities, and create innovative solutions.

Blue Ocean Strategy is primarily a business strategy that can encompass both marketing and financial aspects. It focuses on creating new market spaces, identifying untapped customer needs, and providing innovative solutions that differentiate a company from its competitors. As a result, the strategy  has implications for marketing, finance, operations, as well as other areas of a business. Blue Ocean Strategy is the systematic pursuit of new market and new demand through the simultaneous pursuit of higher value and lower cost. It is called Blue Ocean because it is about creating unknown market space where one does not compete head-to-head against the competition, but rather out-competes it by creating new markets where no competition exists.

This involves developing a strategy for the design of services that meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, including the design of processes, systems, and interactions.

This involves developing a strategy for the design of user-centered  services that are easy to use, accessible, and provide an optimal user experience.

This involves developing a strategy for the visual and verbal identity of a brand, including its logo, packaging, messaging, and other elements that communicate the brand’s values and personality.

This involves developing a strategy for the design of products, services, and systems that minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

This involves the strategic incorporation of nature into environments that promote wellbeing 

This involves the strategic approach to designing an aesthetics and financially viable business plan. At it’s core is analyzing and designing different components of the business model, using the Business Model Canvas tool, to align with company goals and resources.

Visual Storytelling is the strategic process of organizing content in a way that optimizes findability, usability, and comprehension. Our approach is anchored in three key components:

  1. Information Architecture organized under the  LATCH system, which stands for Location, Alphabetical, Time, Category, and Hierarchy, to organize content in a logical and consistent manner.
  2. Mind-mapping, which is a visual technique for brainstorming and organizing ideas.
  3. Visual Awakening, which involves using visual elements such as sketches, detailed drawings, 3D graphics and atmospheric renderings  to aid in technical understanding and aesthetic expression.